Why Should You Clean Your Restaurant Grease Traps?

Here are some reasons to call Caffee Environmental LLC for grease trap cleaning and pumping services in Vance & surrounding areas in Alabama:

  • Prevent your sewer lines from clogging. If your grease trap overflows, fats and oils will enter your water line. When these greasy substances cool, they will stick to the inside of the pipe – leading to clogs and backups.
  • Protect your grease trap. Leaving solids in your grease trap will erode it. Don’t get stuck with a costly repair bill in the future!
  • Abide by code requirements. Most areas require restaurants to regularly pump and clean their grease traps. Let us help you stay compliant and avoid any fines.


Caffee Environmental is available for routine grease trap cleaning and pumping.

Call us at 205-243-9526 to schedule service.